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Learn to play 
the drums

Join thousands of students worldwide and learn to play the drums through a highly rated, well-crafted, easy-to-follow course. Tackle the fundamentals of drumming and be on your way to being the drummer you want to be!


Used by students from 31 countries 

Highly rated at 4.9 ⭐️⭐️ ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Taught by professionals

Meticulously crafted

Say Hello, to the
ultimate drum course 

We believe it's the only drum course you need to get from Zero to Hero. We have made the drumming concepts easy to grasp for everyone and ensured the course visuals are engaging. 

The course is structured and created from scratch by professional drummers and is ever-expanding!

After all the blood, sweat, and tears, we are proud to have this out for you!

What's included in our course?






Hours of video


Pages of references



What will I learn?

Having great drumming fundamentals increases your potential to be a great drummer. We believe in learning through a structured syllabus for you to grasp the essentials well.


Setting up, tuning & playing 

For total beginners, get up to speed by learning how to set up, tune, and then start playing your drums by learning a song.


Note values, time signatures & notation

Learn note values, subdivisions, and different time signatures while getting acquainted with drum notation. 


Rudiments, independence & techniques

Strengthen your fundamentals by being great at rudiments, going through independence exercises, and familiarising yourself with different playing techniques.

The only course you need to get started

Forget all those subscription courses that suck you in with the quantity of material they have. Trust us; YOU will get overwhelmed. Take control of your learning by making sure you get your fundamentals right from the start. Learn the essentials to have a great foundation.

Hear what our amazing students say

We have students taking our course from all over the world. Here's what some of them have got to say about it.

Kamil Twarogal


"Great for beginners, everything explained very carefully, a lot of revisions, hard concepts are made very clear. Very nice course!"

Highly Rated Course

Yep, we're saying it again. Students worldwide have rated this course highly. Most importantly, students have high engagement hours during the course.

World-class production

Highly engaging course

Highly intuitive



Be part of the 
drum community

As drum practitioners, we also believe in organizing community events that strengthen the bond among drummers.

We regularly organize clinics, workshops, and public shed sessions for the community. Best of all, we invite professional drummers to these events to share their extensive knowledge. Building an exciting community is a 360-degree effort combining efforts from the public, the professionals and also people from the industry.


  • How old do I need to be to learn from the course?
    Our course is designed for students of all ages. And because it is online, you can take your time learning at your own pace. Music and drumming is certainly for people of all ages to enjoy.
  • What will I learn from the course?
    For beginners who have no prior drumming background at all, you will learn how to play your first beat, your first song, and then start to learn how to read and write notation while still learning all the fundamental aspects of drumming including rudiments, beats, fills, subdivisions and time signatures. You will also have a better understanding and play various genres of music. As the course is ever expanding, you will grow along with the course and learn more advanced techniques along the way. The truth is, learning drums is lifelong, and there will always be something new that you can learn on a regular basis from the Music Mountain drum course.
  • Must I have a drum set or can I use a practice pad?
    As tutors, we recognise that having a drum set may not be accessible to everyone, although it may be the most ideal requirement. So, as a start, having a pair of drumsticks and a practice pad would be great! You will be able to get used to your drum stick, practice your sticking patterns, get used to notation and also your rudiments etc. Eventually, having a drum set will increase your development as you would be able to really ramp up your practice and get a feel of doing beats and fills which will definitely speed up your progress to becoming a drummer.
  • Will Music Mountain’s drum course work for my child?
    Our course is designed to be organised and structured so that anyone can follow through the lessons with ease. However, because every child is different, it is hard for us to determine if the course would be a good fit for your child. We do have students as young as 7 yrs old learning, but with full parental supervision and guidance. We believe with the right guidance from parent/s, the child would be able to focus and understand better on what they are learning. We suggest a parent/guardian be present to always guide and give assistance to prevent a child being confused and losing interest early in the course.
  • Which lessons are suitable for beginners?
    At launch time, our courses are predominantly targeted for Beginners to Intermediate levels. However, the evaluation of skill levels is very subjective which is why we allow anyone to browse through the titles first before subscribing. We have a generous amount of preview lessons available as well for free. Our course is ever expanding and further levels are being developed to include intermediate to advance topics.
  • We love the video lessons! Do you offer private lessons?
    As much as we would love to provide private lessons face to face, we embarked on this journey by wanting to educate as many people as we can, and thankfully, this could be done via the internet. Thus our lessons are all online. However, we will hold workshops, clinics and physical events at our studio in the future which will involve the drum community in general. Check out our events page for upcoming events.
  • Can I do the purchase the course using a credit card?
    We use Stripe as our payment gateway which caters to the majority of credit/debit cards in the world. Stripe is robust and is available in many countries.
  • How long will I have access to the course after the purchase?
    You will have lifetime access to the course. On top of that, you will have first hand knowledge of the events we will be holding in the near future.

Get started today

No need to browse through non-structured lessons on Youtube and get confused about what to learn next. Get your fundamentals right with our course. Get started now and see yourself go from zero to hero!

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