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The mission behind Music Mountain.

All it took was some guts, a group of passionate people, some bootstrapping, and some great partners to help us get off the ground.









Our Story

Co-founders and husband and wife couple, Rudy and Intan, had corporate jobs all their life; until Intan told Rudy he should turn his love for drums and music into something sustainable. Rudy is the drummer for the award-winning band Pop Shuvit and Project E.A.R. . So he had some head start. They researched and realized there was a gap in video-on-demand music education. Lightbulb!

They pitched the idea to the Ministry of Communications and Multimedia, and the rest is history. They currently have an expanding drum course and, soon to come, courses surrounding the creative arts.

It wasn't easy at first, as they encountered many rejections, but each rejection was a lesson on what to refine for the next pitch. After two years of blood, sweat, and tears, their vision has come to fruition. 

Our story

The Mission Behind
Music Mountain.

1. Make Music Education Accessible

Making music education accessible to all will positively impact a generation's culture and social norms.

Come and Visit Us

We are located in Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia. We film our courses and conduct most drum clinics and workshops here! Drop by when you can!
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Our Studio

Music Mountain

R-5-23A, Emporis,  5th floor,  Persiaran Surian, Kota Damansara, 47810 Petaling Jaya, Selangor.


Growing the 
drum community

We take it as our responsibility to form healthy relationships in the industry. We regularly organize clinics, workshops, and public shed sessions for the community. Best of all, we invite professional drummers to these events to share their extensive knowledge. Building an exciting community is a 360-degree effort combining efforts from the public, the professionals and also people from the industry.

Meet Our Educators

Here are our current drum educators, who have been practicing music all their lives. They are the real deal. Plus, they are family!

Rudy Malik

Rudy has more than 25 years of drumming experience, including being in an award-winning band, touring around the globe for world-class music festivals, being a recording artist for the bands Pop Shuvit and Project E.A.R., and being a sessionist for artists around the world.

Ryan Bhaskaran

Ryan is a professional drummer and educator. His fun and energetic style has enabled him to play and tour with artists from around the world. Having taught students aged 5-55, he believes how old (or young) is not a factor when it comes to picking up a new instrument.

Jimmy Jamz

Jimmy is a drummer, producer, and engineer who has worked with some of the finest artists in Asia both in-studio and on-stage. He is also the drumming powerhouse behind the progressive-rock band Tempered Mental and indie outfit, Prasasti.
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