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Arthur Kam - Smooth Operator

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Sept 4th was another historic date for Music Mountain because that's the day when you get a maestro like Arthur Kam to come and conduct his drum clinic.

This guy plays smooth like butter. Every stroke you hear is accounted for, and we got his recording to prove it. We'll share some highlights soon on our socials.

But it was indeed an eye-opener for some because it was an opportunity for them to ask him anything. And I don't know if you guys know this, but our sessions are very intimate, so we get most of the serious questions carried out during the clinic.

Being Malaysian, we always know that when a clinic ends, it truly is not the end. Even though the session ended after 2 hrs, patrons were still talking to each other and with Arthur. That's the kind of camaraderie that we strive for.

And I have to say that the eight lucky draw winners went back home with more than the price of their ticket. Thanks to Swee Lee Music for sponsoring the lucky draw prizes comprised of limited Ludwig T-shirts, Drum stick bags, and a Snare bag.

We must shout out to our superb sound engineers from Big A Productions. They made the audience happy, making every ghost note from Arthur feel like it rattled in their bones. Anthony from Big A, is the man!

Shout out to Arthur Kam for being a sport and being the last to leave the studio. That's passion and dedication if you ask me. He's not only a great drummer, but he's also nice!

Below are some pics from the clinic and pics of those who won the lucky draws. Those who haven't had the experience of joining will be surprised at how lucky you can get. So get the tickets to the next clinic, ok!

Ok! On to the next clinic! Next post!

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