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Level 3 drips are coming

We are starting to upload Level 3 lessons on a drip basis! Yey! And we are looking at 'Triplets' in the first module! We have some amazing lessons from our tutors throughout level 3. They pulled out all stops so do tune in when each lesson drips in! In level 3, we will look at more rudiments, techniques and also look at beats for different genres of music.

Music Mountain is Asia's first video-on-demand drum lessons platform, but available globally. And we churn out content on a regular basis. As our team expands, so does our content. We also are excited to bring more Asian drummers onto the platform and share the knowledge they have gathered throughout their careers as drummers. We also plan to conduct clinics and workshops (online and face to face). Subscribers will be the first to get exclusive access to these events.

As we are a new startup, we would like to thank all our subscribers for giving us their love and support. We are a platform formed by drummers for drummers. So, we are learning along the way as we build this platform. While we are dedicating our time to bring you the best of drumming for your learning, let's have some fun learning together and also rocking it out along the way!

Forward March!

Rudy and Intan


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