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Media & Music Industry - What Now?

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

What now? We discuss on what we can expect for the Media and Music Industry in the shorter to longer time frame.

The Media and Music Industry has gone through a roller coaster ride in the past few months. What happens now ? We pick the brains of two veterans in the industry.

Moots! is the current CMO for Stream Empire Holdings and also the lead member of the Rap Rock group Pop Shuvit. Previously he was the VP at Rocketfuel Entertainment, and has total 6 years experience at Astro. As the lead member of Pop Shuvit, he oversees all band management as well as strategic decisions. He also manages the Asia supergroup PROJECT EAR which Pop Shuvit is a part of.

Johan Ishak is a man of many hats as well. He is now the Managing Director of Awesome TV. Previously he was the CEO of TV networks under Media Prima. At heart he is an artist and manages commissioned work as a visual artist under Buanaseni Studio.

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