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Muzik Sistem visits us from Alor Setar

Updated: Sep 6, 2022

Right before the drum clinic with Arthur Kam, these blokes from a relatively well-known music store and school, Muzik Sistem, from Alor Setar popped by to check out Music Mountain.

Even though we were busy setting the place up, we ensured that the entourage of around 16 people was kept busy. Jimmy and Rudy gave some advice and tips on drumming for the drummers and explained how to keep motivated in a competitive world of drumming.

During the visit, we discussed practicing rudiments, proper grip, focusing on the wrist before fingers, and much more.

They were hoping to catch a glimpse of Arthur Kam during his soundcheck. Unfortunately, the timing was not right as the group had to rush off to One Utama for the Rockfest competition.

It was an honor to have them visit and share our vision of building a drumming community that we can all be proud of.

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