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Happy New Year to everyone! 2021 was a year of milestones for us at Music Mountain! Music Mountain launched on Dec 2021 and we are the first video-on-demand drum lessons platform in Malaysia. We are verifying to see if we are first in Asia, so stay tuned.

Building a platform like this is quite a challenge. But WE love drums. So we put in 200% into our work and are very confident that our online drum course will be great for beginner to intermediate drummers!

But hey, it is the New Year, and although we are still in pandemic times, we should pause and be grateful for what we have! We are in the spirit of giving and so, there is a 30% off all subscriptions if you subscribe within this limited time in conjunction with the new year. Just use the promo code DRUM2022 at checkout and you're ready to go!

Let's rock 2022 together!

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