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The boys will be talking about how drumming has enriched their lives, how it built character, and how it improved their focus in business and their lives.

Rudy is from the band Pop Shuvit and the Asian supergroup Project EAR. He has been playing drums for 27 years and has recorded 8 albums which was released across Asia. He is also an avid Youtuber and has been churning out Youtube drum covers. His band Pop Shuvit has won numerous awards in Malaysia, the most prominent being the Anugerah Kembara from AIM. They have toured Japan, USA and parts of Asia. They have opened for prominent world class acts like Incubus, My Chemical Romance, 30 Seconds to Mars, Neon Trees, All American Rejects and more.

Renowned Malaysian Artist and session drummer Jimmy Jamz, from Tempered Mental, Prasasti, and previously the session drummer for Ella and Oh Chentaku, is no stranger to the Malaysian music industry. From his tour beginnings from Malaysia to Japan, Thailand, Korea and other countries with Tempered Mental to the Versus 2 national competition with Oh Chentaku, he has definitely been busy with a number of memorable achievements. Known for his definitive strokes, groove and technicality, Jimmy is a drummer you can’t stop watching.

Ryan Lee is a supersessionist who has played with a variety of bands in Malaysia. His background is rock and pop and incidentally is also an educator at an International school. He is currently playing with Trophy Knives, Bihzhu, Jumero, Project EAR, The Impatient Sisters, and Narmi. He is articulate in his teachings and also in his speech. His chops on Trophy Knives's latest album goes to show that this guy has an unlimited library of chops in his heads.

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