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In times like these, it is imperative that we know how to manage our cash, especially if you are a musician and are struggling to make ends meet.

In this session, we will have with us DJ Fuzz, a musician, author, business builder; you name it, he has probably done it. He will share with us his money management methods and how to stay relevant in the covid-19 era.

Farzwa De Attaher Emir, or DJ Fuzz who has been know to many Malaysian hip-hop music fans and certain global groups since 1999, was a member of the Teh Tarik Crew, a hip-hop group that has made a turning point in his career where he remains active as a local hip-hop performer. At the same time, DJ Fuzz also regularly participated in and won numerous DJ competitions such as the Vestax Extravaganza and the Pioneer Digital Championship for three consecutive years. As a solo DJ and a member of the DJ Stylustiks, Fuzz has performed extensively overseas such as in the UK, Ireland, Japan, Taiwan, China, the Maldives and Southeast Asian countries.

Fuzz has also been a mix DJ for various radio stations in Malaysia including Era FM, Malaysia's No. 1 Station, and had previously run his own show 'The Mixology' on Mix1602, a HD internet radio application based in New Jersey, USA. Today, DJ Fuzz's songs are frequently featured on local radio stations throughout Malaysia, Singapore, and Brunei.

DJ Fuzz is currently reducing performances as he is optimistic in building a music empire through his own record company called Mixology Music. Starting strong, the company listed artistes like Mark Adam, Waris, Hez Hazmi, Juzzthin and many other popular stars under its wings. Not only that, DJ Fuzz is also running a music publishing company called Mixology Publishing and a host of other businesses. At the moment, DJ Fuzz is helping some artistes to start their own record company.

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