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Music has evolved tremendously over the past decade. From the formats that we used to listen to, to the way music is created , and to the styles of music that we hear on the airwaves now.

With us on 2 Aug 2020, at 9pm, we have two exciting people who will share their insights on how we came to where we are now; from a business lens and musician lens.

Joining us are Datuk Ahmad Izham Omar, the CEO of Primeworks Studios and Pot Amir, from the award-winning group Innuendo.

Ahmad Izham Omar is the Chief Executive Officer of Primeworks Studio, the content creation subsidiary of Media Prima Berhad. He was the former chief executive officer of Media Prima Television Network (MPTN), which included all four free-to-air television channels owned by the Malaysian media group including, TV3, ntv7, 8TV,[1] and TV. A multi-award-winning music producer, arranger, songwriter and musician, Izham's musical career started with legendary Positive Tone record label in 1994,[2] producing progressive music that captured the imagination of Malaysia. He first became well known by being associated with the vocal group ' Innuendo' which he popularized. His other feats also include launching a world-class video portal called Tonton, which was heralded as a breakthrough by the global industry, being awarded the Most Promising Entrepreneur Award by Enterprise Asia, being accepted as a delegate in the prestigious Asia Society 21 Young Leader's Summit, and recognised with a Lifetime Achievement Award by VIMA (Voice of Independent Music Awards) for his contribution to music.

Pot Amir is 1/4 of Innuendo, one of Malaysia's premier R&B groups, formed in 1992 when a love for R&B and Soul music brought Reymee , Sam, Taj, and Pot together. As a multi award-winning group which contributed in the re-introduction of boy-band scenes locally, Innuendo also successfully re-introduced acappella tunes to Malaysian audiences after decades of being unheard on mainstream media. Innuendo is arguably best known for their remake of the Carefree's evergreen ballad, "Belaian Jiwa", which is one of my favorite songs of all time. Innuendo has won many AIM awards including honor of Song of the Year, Best Vocals by a group, Best engineered Album, Best new english Artiste, Best Musical Arrangement and Best English Album. The best honor ever one by any Malaysian music group.

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