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Supper Time with One Buck Short

OBS speaks about their history, the drama, the health scares, their albums, and the future of Rock music.

One Buck Short (OBS) are a Malaysian punk rock / pop punk band from Kuala Lumpur. After their first release in 2003 (an EP titled "Where's The Mouse?!") the band became one of the region's top rock acts.

One Buck Short had a number of hit singles from Halal & Loving It including "Fast Times", "Kelibat Korupsi" – a song in the band's native language about the rampant corruption the country faced, "10:04" – a track influenced by the band's favorite movie Back to the Future, and "Khayalan Masa".

One Buck Short also became the first band in Asia to successfully own, operate and produce their own music festival. The first edition of the festival saw over 15,000 people pack the heart of city in Kuala Lumpur and featured many of the band's friends. The rest, we say is history!

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