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Whether it’s our mood or our overall state of mind, music is an enriching addition to the listener’s life. Vince and Vanessa share their thoughts on music.

Vince Chong, internationally known by his stage name Vince, is the first reality TV star to issue from Akademi Fantasia. He gained popularity as an R&B-inclined singer-songwriter. His popularity increased internationally after he teamed up with Nikki Gil and Alicia Pan to record the theme from High School Musical, Breaking Free (Asian Version). He also acted in the Yusof Haslam film Sembilu in 2005 garnering positive reviews. Currently, Vince is a producer and also a vocal coach and is training upcoming talents for the next generation of stars.

Vanessa Chong is a brand ambassador, TV host, and an emcee. She has also acted before and was part of the cast in Sembilu 2005 with Vince. Incidentally, she was managing Vince while he was in Akademi Fantasia. 4 years after Vince won AF, Vanessa and her sister Pamela joined Amazing Race Asia 2 and became 1st runners up in a challenging race across Asia.

Both the siblings were exposed to music at a very early age, and it had such a great effect on them in their lives. Tune in on 18 July 2020 to hear their story on what music did for their lives and their careers.

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