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Meet the co-founders of Music Mountain, a husband and wife team, Rudy Malik and Intan Razak.

During the start of the pandemic in beginning 2020, Intan had asked Rudy to look at the possibility of teaching a drum course online. That led to further discussions which gave rise to more elaborate ideas about making the course reside in a more robust and automated platform, but being totally video driven.

They then formed Music Mountain, worked together with a couple of drum educators, got some working partners together, and then started to draft a drum syllabus for a platform that would be subscription based, which totally provides video-on-demand drum lessons through a website and app. Because it is subscription based, fresh content would be added on a regular basis.

Rudy is no stranger to the music scene. He is the drummer of award winning rock band @popshuvitmusic and @projectearsea . With more than two decades of performance and touring experience, he brings a wealth of knowledge and networking to the arena of drum education. He is also corporate trained and has diverse experience in business and organisational management.

Intan, on the other hand has 15 years of HR experience specialising in Industrial Relations and training. Operations is her forte and she brings with her the vision of scaling up the platform through partnerships and having an effective content strategy.

“This platform is very much about the music community itself and we’re quite sure with the energy behind such force, we can grow beyond what we’ve imagined! We also find joy in working with partners who loves to experiment out of the box using tech to ramp up music education in the Asia region. Tech is the way to go! With this platform, we both hope that music education will be taken to the next level in the years to come”. said Intan and Rudy.

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