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Yoiqball - The people's drummer

When Yoiqball mentioned he was coming to Malaysia for a holiday, I asked if he wanted to do anything drum related (through his close friend). He was down with it! Only then did I formally speak to him. And he was down-to-earth and humble. He seemed more excited than I was.

Yoiqball begins the drum clinic
Rudy ( Co-Founder) intros Yoiqball to the audience

And even though he is a well-known Youtube creator, he is still a drummer first. When he was down, we spoke about the drum industry, business, and how to bring specific drum agenda forward. It was interesting to find out how the industry works in Indonesia.

Yoiqball teaches a skill
Yoiqball going hands on with a participant

During his drum clinic, I witnessed how he came to be a drummer for all people. He conversed at a level where everyone was comfortable and not intimidating. He called two people up onto the stage and gave them quick lessons.

He shared some valuable tips and advice for the audience, and it is this valued advice that we are looking for when it comes to drumming education development.

Here are just some pics of him during the show. As you can see, he commands a certain kind of aura with people. He mixes with the grassroots well.

Well, this is not the last we hear of him. Music Mountain will undoubtedly keep him on our radar and work with him in the background or directly.

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